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Math Plus Marketing Introduction

Written by Daniel Mason on July 22, 2011

This is my first blog article for my newest initiative, and the one I’m more excited about that I’ve been in some time, Math + Marketing.  Thus far in my professional and, subsequently, blogging career I’ve written about topics that cover the spectrum of marketing, including social media, branding, content marketing, SEO, and advertising; however, within each of those disciplines, I’ve become painfully aware of the lack of accountability for marketers. 

To clarify, its not that I believe marketers are doing a bad job reaching and engaging their audiences; to the contrary, I actually believe that many are doing very well.  It is my conviction that, ancillary to the performance of an individual or campaign, the actual techniques and practices of marketing are not being approached from a quantitative perspective in which we can continue to improve with each success and learn with each failure, making better marketers and a more effective and accountable space within the scope of business.


For this reason, I’m kicking off Math + Marketing along with my career transition to “Marketing Analytics Specialist” at Red Hat.  While I count my agency experience and hit-the-ground-running quest for marketing knowledge as the sole reason I’m qualified for this position, I truly believe that I’ve found something that most closely aligns my skill set and work passion.  As a bonus, as I mentioned above, marketing analytics in the new world of media is lightly charted territory which, to this point, has been navigated either with trepidation or with false confidence.


I want to throw deceiving metrics like “engagement”, “klout”, SERP rank, pageviews, email signups, cost/ click, etc. out the window and do my part to develop a new collection of meaningful metrics to which marketers can be held accountable.  For decades, this type of quantitative discipline has been applied in financial services, banking, operations, accounting, and actuarial functions, and it is time that marketing get on board.  I hope that you’ll check in to read my blog from time to time, as I’m going to make a concerted effort to track my progress and use this medium as a way to convey my learnings.


Thanks for reading.  More later.